sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

"I, won't ever be your corner stone"


"I never knew daylight could be so violent
Everybody's looking for something.
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun.

I can't get used to, living without, living without,
The pink champagne on ice
It always starts like this,

Last thing I remember, I was
I was disappearing in plain sight
Killing formulaic views,

I traveled the world and the seven seas.
So give me something to be scared of
I'll take it from here

Nothing feels right
Tell me what you want me to say
Who am i to disagree?"


Ao trabalho \(^o^)7

"Another Brick In the Wall" - Pink Floyd

Alguns desenhos do diário gráfico - grafite e caneta preta

"Eye Of The Tiger" - Survivor

Aguarela e caneta preta

"Sweet Dreams" - Eurythmics

Aguarela e caneta preta

Durante um intervalo.... até aí nós aproveitámos para fazer experiências...



Feito a aguarela e caneta preta


Meu monstro
De Liliana

Projeto de Desenho - animação